Dark Project KD87A / Side Print / ENG
99.00 € 99.00 € 99.0 EUR
Compact, ergonomic gaming keyboard with ENG side symbols, equipped with the latest generation of optical switches Gateron Optical Red 2.0, RGB backlighting, greased TLC gimbals and case noise isolation.
Switch - Gateron Optical 2.0 Red
Body - Classic, TKL
Body color - black
Keycap color - black
Keycap material - PBT
Printing side - Side
HotSwap support
Layout - ENG
Cyberpunk 2077: Jackie Welles Figure
50.00 € 50.00 € 50.0 EUR
Jackie is a former member of the Valentino gang and is driven by friendship, loyalty, and family ties. He becomes a companion for the protagonist, V, early in the game and will be a much-needed muscle when dealing with all the dangers and intrigue of Night City.

This solid Jackie figure stands a bit above the rest on the Samurai base and features his signature tattoos, Samurai jacket, and golden guns.
Starcraft: Terran Battlecruiser Mini Replica
60.00 € 60.00 € 60.0 EUR
With a Terran Battlecruiser at your disposal, the Zerg and Protoss won't stand a chance. Order now to fight back against the enemies of the Terran Dominion!
This highly detailed mini ship replica is approximately 6'' long and made from polyresin, including a metal display post to hover over a sturdy Dominion base.
Size: 15 cm long
7.62 x 5.08 x 15.24 cm; 508 Grams
Logitech G512 Carbon RGB
119.00 € 119.00 € 119.0 EUR
G512 is a high-performance gaming keyboard featuring your choice of advanced GX mechanical switches. Advanced gaming technology and aluminum-alloy construction make G512 simple, durable and full-featured.
Advanced GX mechanical switches—engineered and 100% tested for performance, responsiveness, and durability. Choose from three distinct mechanical switches- GX Blue (Clicky), GX Brown (Tactile), GX Red (Linear). is crafted from incredibly strong and durable 5052 aluminum-magnesium alloy which allows for both a minimal design and a beautiful aesthetic. The rigidity of 5052 alloy also provides a sturdy, non-slip chassis that houses a full suite of features for an unbeatable gaming experience.Media and lighting controls are right at your fingertips. Use the FN key to control volume, play and pause, mute, toggle game mode, change lighting effects, etc. Use the FN toggle feature in Logitech G HUB and configure your function keys to perform these alt commands by default.
The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt: Triss Merigold Series 2 Figure
50.00 € 50.00 € 50.0 EUR
Triss Merigold of Maribor, the Fearless, the Fourteenth of the Hill.
Dark Horse Deluxe is proud to present the legendary sorceress in her exclusive DLC outfit.

Elaborately painted and meticulously sculpted, poised with magic ready at her fingertips, this stunning figure is an essential additional to any Witcher collection.
World of Warcraft Prince Arthas Figure
200.00 € 200.00 € 200.0 EUR
World of Warcraft statue of Prince Arthas, size approx.25cm. Official product by Blizzard.

Upgrade your collection of Warcraft collectibles with this Prince Arthas Commemorative Statue. This statue stands 10'' tall and features a Warcraft III logo on the base. Proudly display this stunning piece and let Prince Arthas protect your gaming setup
Size (Height): 25 cm
TNB ZIP Earphones TWS Black
25.00 € 25.00 € 25.0 EUR
True Wireless Earbuds with Charging case 105 db Black
Thanks to their elegance and trendy design, TWS ZIPP earphones will brighten up your days. Its compact shape and practical opening allows you to open the case with one hand and simplify its use! Its touch control also allows you to adjust your music intuitively. We have chosen for you semi-intra earphones that promise you unparalleled comfort thanks to their incredible lightness. You won't even have the feeling of wearing them to your ears! The TWS ZIPP is a true concentrate of technology that offer you an outstanding sound quality and an optimal musical experience. Features with Bluetooth 5.1 technology, enjoy an extended battery life up to 9 hours of listening. Its built-in microphone gives you the opportunity to call in peace.
Diablo Lord of Terror Bust Figure
200.00 € 200.00 € 200.0 EUR
Diablo Bust of Diablo Lord of Terror.

Official product by Blizzard.

Diablo was the youngest of the Prime Evils, but I found him the most dangerous, for his power over terror left him incapable of feeling fear. Though he had easily possessed and corrupted many humans, Diablo’s essence was finally trapped in a soulstone and banished to the unfathomable Abyss twenty years ago.” As with all the Great Evils, Diablo spawned from one of the seven heads of the great dragon Tathamet. His domain in the Burning Hells was the Realm of Terror.

This product is not a toy or product for children. It is a collectors item intended for adults only
Alien Xenomorph Q-Fig
25.00 € 25.00 € 25.0 EUR
The well-known monster from the Ridley Scott franchise "Alien" Xenomorph has been causing fear among movie fans for more than forty years.
And now he can scare you too, settling in your collection of figurines!

The Xenomorph figurine represents a real predator that descends along a metal chain, hunting for a very unfortunate prey.

The Xenomorph has sharp claws, and only sticky slime oozing from the creature's mouth and a heavy load chain provides balance to the figure. Do you need such a scary figurine? Of course yes!

The Perfect Killing Machine is now the perfect collectible figure. The 13 cm tall Xenomorph figurine is made of vinyl and transparent PVC and sits on a stand that resembles the spaceship floor.
SteelSeries Rival 600 USB Gaming Mouse
90.00 € 90.00 € 90.0 EUR
The new dual sensor system combines true 1 to 1 tracking with breakthrough state-of-the art lift off distance detection. For the first time ever, you are in complete control - even on lift off.Introducing the world’s most advanced sensor system, the TrueMove3+. The new dual sensor system combines true 1 to 1 tracking with breakthrough state-of-the art lift off distance detection. For the first time ever, you are in complete control - even on lift off.TrueMove3 is a 12,000 CPI, 350 IPS optical sensor built exclusively with industry leader PixArt. Instead of focusing on CPI alone, TrueMove3 was engineered for true 1 to 1 tracking. Moving a specific distance on a mousepad results in the same exact distance on screen, without introducing latency, interpolation, or affecting jitter reduction.The left/right click features a revolutionary reinforced split-trigger system that delivers the best clicks in gaming. Our exclusive 60-million click mechanical switches ensure every type of press is executed with precision
Alien - Facehugger Mini Epic Figure
35.00 € 35.00 € 35.0 EUR
Forty years ago, Ridley Scott's science fiction masterpiece Alien hit the big screen, spawning one of the most iconic film franchises of all time.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Alien, Weta Workshop introduces the terrifying Facehugger in the Mini Epics series.

The highly detailed stylized figurine is made of vinyl and perfectly conveys the appearance and character of the character.

This figurine is 15 centimetres tall and should be placed in a safe place away from your face.
Star Wars - Gift Box Mug320ml + KeyringPVC + Sticker Kylo Ren
14.00 € 14.00 € 14.0 EUR
1 MUG to drink your tea or coffee in the colors of your favorite universe. 320ml. Withstands more than 800 dishwasher cycles. - 1 ultra-stylish KEY RING to entrust your keys to your hero. - 2 sheets of MINI-STICKERS in repositionable transparent vinyl that will find their place on the walls, notebooks, laptops, fridges...
Harry Potter - Large Glass - 400ml - Marauder's map - Matte
10.00 € 10.00 € 10.0 EUR
To drink in this Harry Potter glass you need first to solemnly swear that you are up to no good! Developed by ABYstyle this glass will complete your Harry Potter products collection.
- Material: high quality glass.
- King size (40cl)
- Not suitable with microwave and dishwasher.
- Packaging: open carton box
Spyro XL Cable Guy Phone and Controller Holder
40.00 € 40.00 € 40.0 EUR
Fresh from charging fire at his enemies, it's the world-renowned purple dragon from the 90s, the much-loved Spyro joins our immensely popular Cable Guys range from the world of gaming and entertainment. Standing fierce, what better way to charge your phone or controller than with the help of this guy? Spyro will protect most types of gaming controller, smart phone device or anything else you can fit into his hands.
Compatible with PlayStation, Xbox, Switch & most other console controllers
Holds most mobile phone devices
30cm (12”) tall and includes 2m (6ft) Type C Charging Cable
Officially licensed by Activision
Diablo Lord of Terror Premium Tee, Black
35.00 € 35.00 € 35.0 EUR
Do you love playing Diablo for hours or just a fan of the universe? Then this stunning J! NX Lord of Terror Premium Tee will fit perfectly into your wardrobe. Black T-shirt with short sleeves is made of soft 100% cotton. The Dreadlord print has been screen-printed.

This T-shirt will easily withstand many washes in the washing machine, but it is better to dry it in the usual way or in the dryer on a low setting.

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