Virtus.Pro Plush Pillow 2017
5.00 € 5.00 € 5.0 EUR
Discover the emblematic symbol of pillow.
- Material: fabric polyester.
Soft toy made from microplush with Virtus.Pro team logo.
NAVI Plush Pillow 2017
10.00 € 10.00 € 10.0 EUR
Discover the emblematic symbol of NAVI pillow.
- Material: fabric polyester.
Size: 21 cm x 44 cm x 11 cm
DC Comics - Cushion - Superman Emblem
20.00 € 20.00 € 20.0 EUR
Discover the emblematic symbol of Superman with our ABYstyle pillow.

- Material: HS velboa with embroidery + fabric polyester.
- Dimensions: 32 x 34cm.
- Thickness: approx. 8cm

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