The Lord of the Rings - Legolas and Gimli at Amon Hen 1:6 Scale
800.00 € 800.00 € 800.0 EUR
While altruism and duty informed his choice, Gimli the Dwarf was compelled to join the Fellowship of the Ring to answer the presence of Legolas the Elf as much as any other reason.
1:6 scale statue - Limited Edition of 950
Size: 27 cm x 46 cm x 32 cm
Sold out
Gimli Deluxe Bds Art Scale 1/10 - Lord Of The Rings Statue
170.00 € 170.00 € 170.0 EUR
Gimli was a respected dwarf warrior in Middle-earth during the Great Years. He was a founding member of the Fellowship of the Ring, and was the only one of the dwarves to readily fight alongside the elves in the war against Sauron at the end of the Third Age.
License: Lord of the Rings
Scale: BDS Art Scale 1/10
– Limited edition
– Based on original movie references
– Made in polystone
– Hand painted
– This statue is part of a battle diorama based on The Fellowship of the Ring movie
Lord of the Rings - Dol-Guldur Figure - Elrond 1:30 Statue
100.00 € 100.00 € 100.0 EUR
From the same team who worked on The Hobbit motion picture trilogy, comes Dol Guldur: A 1:30 Scale Collection. For the first time ever, collect your very own Middle-earth scene piece by piece and populate it with miniature figures of your choosing.

A place of dread, Dol Guldur is a ruined fortress deep in Mirkwood. Long was it thought to have been abandoned, but quietly have dark things crept into its passages, and beneath spells of concealment the Dark Lord Sauron has gathered his servants to him.

Rumour of a Necromancer drew Gandalf to the hill of Sorcery, where his suspicions were confirmed. Now the White Council must put for its strength to rescue the Grey Wizard and put the forces of darkness to flight. The stage is set for a battle of immortal powers.

Limited Edition of 500

Dimensions:2.36" x 2.48" x 1.57" (W x H x D) 6 cm x 6.3 cm x 4 cm
Weight:0.37 lbs (0.17 kg)
The Lord of the Rings: Mini Statue - Saruman The White
90.00 € 90.00 € 90.0 EUR
Dimensions:4.33" x 7.44" x 4.33" (W x H x D) 11 cm x 18.9 cm x 11 cm
Weight:1.08 lbs (0.494 kg)
Lured by promises of power and dark thoughts of his own mastery, Saruman fell from his purpose and abandoned his allies. In his arrogance he believed himself capable of usurping Sauron’s place. Even as he did his new master’s bidding, the corrupted Wizard plotted a second betrayal. Yet in doing so he overreached, for pride and lust for power had blinded Saruman and the Eye of Sauron perceived his treachery through the lens of the palantir. The downfall of Saruman, once the leader of the White Council, was doomed to be written in blood.
Expertly sculpted by Gary Hunt, a member of the original Lord of the Rings crew
The Lord Of The Rings - Ringwraith Of Mordor 1:6 Scale
349.00 € 349.00 € 349.0 EUR
One of the most chilling characters in The Fellowship of the Ring, captured in sculpture by Brigitte Wuest. We’ve recreated the classic Ringwraith portrait at the scene of Bree, complete with highly detailed fabric folds and textures. The perfect size for your shelf or desk display.
1:6 scale
Made from high-quality polystone
Sculpted by Brigitte Wuest
Created in celebration of the LOTR 20th Anniversary
Signature pose and clothing
Galadriel Of The White Council 1/6 Scale
350.00 € 350.00 € 350.0 EUR
This statue captures both her statuesque strength, and the lively beginnings of a smile as she turns to meet Gandalf's eye - their alliance, and her power, needs no dialogue.
Galadriel Of The White Council
.1:6 scale
.Made from high-quality polystone
.Sculpted by Jane Wenley
.15.3” / 39cm tall
The Lord of the Rings: Mini Statue - Gandalf
90.00 € 90.00 € 90.0 EUR
Deep in wisdom and foresight, Gandalf was first to discover the true nature of the ring and took it upon himself to orchestrate the forces of light against the evil advance of Sauron, the dark lord.
4.33" x 5.9" x 4.72" (W x H x D) 11 cm x 15 cm x 12 cm
Weight:1.45 lbs (0.66 kg)

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